Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Liberty Helicopter

The hubby whisked me away on an incredible trip to New York City for NYE 2015 / 2016. As a little thank you I decided to book something unique and that we had never done in NYC before. After hours of research I came across Liberty Helicopters and figured this would be a incredible experience.

There are several tours available and eventually I chose The Big Apple. The trip is approximately 12 - 15 minutes long, although I think it felt longer at the time. The cost was 150 USD per person plus 35 USD per person heliport fees so not a cheap experience but very worthwhile.

We took the subway to South Ferry and then it was a three minute walk to the heliport (turn right out of the station). The heliport is close to the Staten Island Ferry so you could do both in one day. On arrival we filled in a short form with emergency contact information as well as our weight so they could organise the seating in the helicopter.

The heliport was buzzing with tourists so I would recommend pre booking this activity. After a short safety video and being given a life jacket to wear around your waist we were loaded into the helicopter! There are six guests, two in the front and four in the back.

The trip begins with a flight around the Statue of Liberty, two laps are taken so guests on each side of the helicopter can admire the view. Next it's a journey up the Hudson river with Manhattan on your right hand side. It is absolutely incredible to see the city from above. The view was ten times better than any observatory platforms in the city. The helicopter than makes a U turn near central park and heads back with the view now on the left hand side.

The tour is incredibly well run and ensures everyone can admire the views. The helicopters are modern and pilots personable and friendly. Everything felt safe, I wouldn't hesitate about booking this trip from a safety perspective.

This is expensive but so is NYC, it was an amazing experience and far out weighed my expectations, if you can afford it, give this a go, I cannot imagine anybody would regret this opportunity.