Friday, 4 March 2016

Ice Fishing in Tromso

Our final organised tour during our time in Tromso was a day ice fishing through Tours in Lyngenalps. We had to meet in the morning outside of a central Tromso hotel and then took the same one hour long drive and fifteen minute ferry followed by a short shuttle to the tour centre that we had done for the dog sledding trip. However, this time there were several more visitors and the communication was far better. It may have helped knowing the plan as we had previously made the journey!

On arrival we were kitted out in snow boots, warm suits, gloves and mittens before taking a hilarious snowmobile ride across the glacier. The ride was wicked, we were passengers (three to each section) and we rode really quickly through incredible scenery for around fifteen minutes. We arrived in the middle of the frozen lake where we were taught how to bore holes in the ice and then we sat and waited patiently in the sunshine and idyllic surrounds with a little rod and tiny maggot!

We were a small group of six people! There were no toilets in the wilderness but they were available at camp. We were only away from camp for about three hours. The guides made a fire, offered tea and coffee as well as lunch, which was a fish curry. Their communication and guidance could have been a little more helpful and friendly, it was a little brash.

Unfortunately no one caught a fish. It was a bit of a shame as would have been the icing on the cake for our trip and would have also proved the day wasn't in vain and the fish were down there somewhere in the freezing cold water! However, the day was fun, it was nice to get out of the city and to spend some time on the glacier in daylight. I would recommend this trip if you are into fishing. If the idea of two to three hours of relaxing time does not appeal then I would recommend a more engaging activity. Also note this would have felt like a very long time indeed if the weather had been miserable.