Tuesday, 17 May 2016

St Swithins Wine Shippers

This will be a very quick post but recently when walking to Cannon Street for the train home from work on a gorgeous sunny Thursday the hubby and I wandered past St Swithins. This is a wine shop that has a comfy terrace to the front with around eight tables. St Swithins lane is pedestrianized and the terrace has a glass screen and is under cover so is out of the wind and has no traffic running past.

We decided to stop and have a look. We were greeted by some incredibly friendly staff who swiftly seated us on a spacious table for two. They have a small menu with wines by the glass, which begin at around £5 as well as a few tapas bits of food such as a cheese board, a meat board, olives etc. However, you are also allowed to head into their wine store where you can choose from hundreds of bottles of reds, whites and sparkling wines and drink the bottle at your table with a £10 corkage fee.

In hindsight drinking by the glass may be a better option as you wave the corkage and could try a few different wines. We ordered a bottle of crisp Sauvignon Blanc, which was £39.50 plus the £10 corkage and plus 12.5% service charge so this is definitely a post work treat. I am not sure I have ever spent over £50 on one bottle of wine before. Despite the cost the setting was gorgeous and we really enjoyed our sun downer drinks.

The staff can recommend wines to all tastes and budgets so don't be afraid that everything will be expensive and they are really are friendly and helpful. If you fancy something a bit different or want to impress a date this is a good place to check out. Don't grab too many friends as the atmosphere is calm and sophisticated so is not the best venue for a loud catch up.