Thursday, 11 June 2015


I spent a very luxurious and relaxing evening at the Cowshed Spa in Shoreditch last night! Some very generous friends clubbed together and bought the hubby and I a voucher for a Moody Massage each.

Firstly, I did find Cowshed a little hard to find, it's located at No. 1 Ebor Street but there is no sign on the door, you will walk through a door into a lobby and then turn left into another door to access Cowshed. I have to admit I was a little confused and did have to check a couple of times I was in the correct place.

However, on arrival the staff were super friendly and the spa was rustic, trendy and beautiful. I was sat at a table by the pedicure / manicure area, which looked lush and I cannot wait to come back and treat myself to some pampering in the large chairs, with head phones, TV's and plenty of pillows. It looked so relaxing. I filled out a brief medical history form and was seen promptly for my appointment.

I was taken downstairs to the treatment rooms, which have a quiet ambiance by my friendly therapist. I was asked to choose from four different massage oils. There was sleepy cow to enhance calm, grumpy cow to uplift, lazy cow to help sooth and wild cow to invigorate. I went for wild cow, I just loved the scent of the oil. After undressing and laying on probably the most comfy massage table I have every experienced the lights were dimmed and the music played quietly in the background.

The therapist asked me to breathe deeply three times whilst holding lavender close by, which was very calming. The massage wasn't deep tissue and not the most amazing I have ever experienced. However, it was insanely relaxing and just what I needed to unwind. She concentrated on back, neck and shoulder before moving to arms and hands followed by a scalp massage. Next I was turned over for my legs and then more scalp and neck.

All in all this was a lovely experience. Cowshed is on the more expensive side with a 45 mins Moody Massage at £60. However, this isn't just about the massage, it is about the entire experience so if you feel like a pick me up or have a loved one to treat I would not hesitate to book in here. You will leave refreshed, relaxed and thoroughly pampered.