Monday, 28 September 2015

Forge & Co

I spent Saturday lunchtime having brunch at Forge & Co. The restaurant is a short walk from Shoreditch High Street station and also Old Street tube. The space is light and airy with pretty well spaced out tables. You will have to book at the weekends as it was full, mainly of girls, I don't know if we missed something but there was definitely a lack of men!

There are normal tables but also sofa's surrounding coffee tables, which isn't ideal for eating so maybe try and specify what you want during the booking. Part of the Saturday brunch is unlimited Prosecco whilst you are eating if you buy one original glass for £10. They were pretty good at topping up most of the time but the food came out quickly so you really needed to also order dessert to make the most of the alcohol.

The menu was quite large but quite egg based. The variety was limited. The scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and sourdough toast was nice but nothing special. The poached eggs with avocado were incredibly stingy on the avocado. You got probably a quarter or less of one.

For dessert we had a Baileys cheesecake, which was lovely but no one was sure how they felt about the accompanying coffee ice cream. The sticky toffee pudding had a twang that was far from ideal and being served with lemon ice cream didn't help the appeal. Finally the profiteroles were pretty good.

All in all Forge & Co is a great place to meet friends on a Saturday and drink Prosecco. It's super busy and has a fun atmosphere. However, the food is really quite average so thank goodness it is cheapish for Shoreditch. Go for the company and the alcohol and accept the food is edible and will soak up the bubbles. Don't go for a long, leisurely and luxuriously delicious brunch.