Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Twenty Questions

My blog is now officially six months old, which is very exciting for me! I never quite imagined this little project during down time would turn into a blog documenting my life with 130 posts! To celebrate I thought I would give my readers a chance to ask me twenty questions:

1. How old are you?

I am 27 years old! It's pretty scary being considered as late twenties, it makes me feel as though I should have everything together but I don't, I am still learning and that is exciting.

2. Where do you live?

I was born in South East London and aside from a three year stint in Leeds for University I have not left!

3. How long have you been with your husband?

We were childhood sweethearts and have actually been together since meeting at school aged 15.

4. What is your favorite country?

My favorite overall country of all time is New Zealand, I was lucky enough to back pack for a month around the country back in my early twenties and had the time of my life.

5. Where is your favorite city?

Aside from London, which I believe is the greatest city on earth my favorite city is San Francisco, I spent four days there a few years ago and have been desperate to go back ever since.

6. Do you have any pets?

Unfortunately not but one day soon I will be purchasing a miniature Dachshund to fulfill a childhood dream but right now I cannot leave a puppy at home all day alone so I will have to wait until my circumstances change.

7. How many jobs have you had?

Well, I did nineteen months in my first post University role and then have just completed four years and four months in my current job, at the end of this month I am starting at a totally new company!

8. What is your guilty pleasure?

Definitely Cadbury chocolate!

9. What is next on your bucket list?

For me, I think it will be saving for a blow out trip to the Maldives, for the hubby I think he wants to head to Canada for a trip on the Rocky Mountaineer.

10. What is your favorite food?

It has to be Italian, I am part Italian so I guess it's in the genes!

11. When you were five what did you want to be?

A professional gymnast for sure! So, quite different to the London Hedge Fund world.

12. What is your favorite film?

I am Sam, if you haven't watched it, download it NOW!

13. What is the bravest thing you have ever done?

Taking on and conquering the Nevis bungy in New Zealand at 134m

14. What view have you seen that amazed you?

Probably the most impressive I have seen was the Grand Canyon from a helicopter but seeing Abel Tasman National Park from a parachute after skydiving and looking out over the Serengeti at sunset were both equally mesmerizing.

15. What possession means the most to you?

My passport without a doubt, I couldn't experience the world without it.

16. What is your biggest fear?

Spiders, I can't even cope with the little ones.

17. What was your favorite subject at school?

Geography, uncanny now seeing as I have grown up and love to travel.

18. Do you vote?

Yes, of course, I personally believe everyone should but who I vote for is a secret.

19. Do you prefer the winter or the summer?

Probably the winter, you cannot beat a cozy night in front of the fire with a Christmas movie, a mug of steaming hot Milo and being snuggled under a blanket with a loved one.

20. Do you like to plan things in detail or be spontaneous?

I am definitely a planner, however, I am very aware of this and am trying to be a little more spontaneous; give me time!

I hope this gives you a little more insight into me! Join me again in six months time for another round and please submit any questions you may have for me to answer then!