Friday, 12 February 2016

Kilworth House Hotel

Recently we spent a weekend with friends in the Midlands. On the Sunday we booked in for lunch at the Kilworth House Hotel. The drive through the grounds is beautiful and you arrive at a large car park with plenty of space. The hotel has an open air theatre for the summer months. The house itself is really grand and oozes opulence and luxury.

The hotel was buzzing with activity on our arrival with plenty of smartly dressed patrons having pre lunch drinks in the bar. We went straight to our table in the orangery. The orangery is absolutely huge and incredibly bright. I can imagine at night time it's stunning by candlelight. We had requested a 1:30pm table but were told they were fully booked, however, whilst busy this wasn't the case so was a shame we had to have an earlier reservation.

The Sunday lunch menu consists of three courses for £24.95 per person. There are a selection of starters, main courses and desserts to try. The menu online, however, was not the menu we were presented with in the restaurant. I personally had a chorizo risotto, which whilst tasty was nothing special. The hubby opted for mushroom soup. Both were served with bread and butter.

For main course we all had the roast beef. The portion was huge with lashings of beef and gravy, Yorkshire puddings and carrots and greens for the table. There were three roast potatoes per person too. Again, the food was nice but I wouldn't say anything outstanding. We heard others send theirs back as it was not warm enough. The menu looked quite simple but tasty and the food was presented really well, it just didn't live up in the flavour.

The dessert choices were a little average and standard including fruit salad and apple pie. The portions here are so large we decided to skip dessert as by this point we were uncomfortably full. Unfortunately there is no two or three course option so we did waste a part of our meal.

The issues really began at this stage. We asked for the bill, which was presented. After around twenty minutes of waiting we figured you do not pay at the table but at the bar. We waited patiently at the bar for around ten minutes before wandering to reception who took us back into the bar. Paying the bill took over half an hour, nobody was helpful and nobody seemed interested in our money. The bar staff despite having only one order to service were snappy, stressed and came across short because they felt under pressure.

The issue was the average age of the staff was around seventeen years old with no management in sight. The "children" working here were not properly trained or capable of the level of customer service associated with an establishment of this sort. Also, on a side note, their uniforms were terrible! The final laugh was when we saw this sign!!!!!!!!!!

All in all we had a good lunch and nice chat in attractive surroundings. However, the food and service were not up to scratch. With service and a carafe of wine the bill was £35 per head. It wasn't extortionate but I think I would rather spend my money elsewhere.