Monday, 29 February 2016

Northern Lights Hunting with Arctic Explorers

I was recently lucky enough to head to Tromso for three nights of Northern Lights hunting. After trying very hard to see only a glimmer in Iceland last year we knew we had to try again ASAP! In Iceland we self drove and decided as these trips are so tiring it would be best to go with a guide. After hours of research we eventually settled on using Arctic Explorers. The trip costs 1,450 NOK per person and you venture out in small groups of eight people.

We were collected promptly from our apartment by our wonderful Italian guide Stef. She took us to the warehouse about ten minutes outside of the city where we were given thermal suits, woollen socks with snow boots, hats and mittens. We then drove on windy roads in between the fjords for around an hour where we reached a private beach away from any light pollution.

Here we set up camp. We had a campfire with marshmallows to toast and yoga mats to perch on. We had a variety of camping dinners to choose from including reindeer stew, pasta bolognaise, lamb stew, fish curry and vegetarian rice. We were also given the option of hot chocolate, mocha, coffee and tea to keep us warm! As an FYI there is a toilet at the warehouse and one on route (the way there and the way back) but if you need the toilet on the beach it's al fresco!

Stef helped everyone set their cameras to the correct Northern Lights settings as well as ensured she took plenty of her own photo's of the group. It was great going with a guide who knew the area and the lights inside out and who could take care of the late night driving.

We then spent a few hours chatting and watching the sky, which lit up on several occasions with various patterns of lights!

If you are in Tromso and are interested in the lights I would not hesitate to book this trip. Imagine sitting huddled in your warm gear, around a campfire on a snow covered beach, under the moon and stars waiting for one of natures most fascinating phenomena's. This was genuinely one of the most incredible nights of my life and one I will never, ever forget.