Monday, 19 October 2015

Date Night

Last weekend we decided to enjoy a Saturday night at home, which is something we haven't managed to do in a while! We made such a delicious but really simple dinner so I thought I would share. We picked up a bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape and tried out our brand new Le Creuset Wine Fountain.

For our starter we picked up a packet of four Orkney Mini Dressed Crabs in shells for £3.99 in Waitrose, which we served with mini white rolls. Two shells is enough per person and is a mixture of brown and white crab meat pre-mixed in a mayonnaise dressing, that is simply delicious with some crusty bread.

For our main course the hubby chose to stink out the flat by making triple cooked chips, I do suggest opening all windows in your house when making these as the chip fat smell does travel. We do not own a deep fat fryer so instead use cooking oil in a saucepan and really heat it up, it has the same effect. Allow the oil to cool before disposing though. We bought some creamed spinach and red cabbage as we were being a little lazy with the sides.

For the triple cooked chips peel the potatoes (we used three) and cut them into chip size pieces. Then run the chips under cold water to wash off the starch. Simmer the chips in a pan for twenty minutes, then dry out and place in the freezer for one hour. Then fry the chips in your half filled saucepan of oil, placing in carefully with tongs (otherwise the oil will splash) for five minutes. Remove the chips, dry off with kitchen roll and then place again in the freezer for one hour. Repeat the frying process for the second time until chips are golden brown (around seven minutes) and then serve.

With our chips, spinach and red cabbage we chose three thinly cut pieces of filet steak from the Waitrose meat counter between the two of us and finished this off with peppercorn sauce, which will be enough for two. Usually we would home make our spinach, red cabbage and sauce but on this occasion we wanted a lazy and relaxing meal and the Waitrose pre-made alternatives are excellent.

Whilst these aren't the cheapest of ingredients the food was delicious and far less expensive than the equivalent of going to a restaurant. To impress a date at home I can thoroughly recommend giving this a go! Happy cooking.