Sunday, 25 October 2015

Pumpkin Carving

Last night was a miserable rainy, cold and dark evening so the hubby and I decided to nip to Tesco and buy two large pumpkins for £3 as part of their Halloween offers. We then decided to have a healthy husband and wife competition to determine who could create the best pumpkin! It was actually really hard work chopping off the top, scooping out all of the insides and carving something that looked remotely like a face. It made a lot of mess in the kitchen but was a pretty fun hour!

The hubby managed to create the below menacing and spooky face:

The final pumpkins have been placed in pride of place on our living room mantelpiece.

Mine looked a little more smiley and less intimidating!

We decided to be a little extravagant and fill our pumpkins with some White Company Cassis flavoured tea lights, which smell absolutely delicious when lit.

The lit versions are a great Halloween addition to our home and will be the perfect backdrop to scary movie night on the 31st!

We love Autumn nights in so pumpkin carving seemed like a perfect activity! Look out for next years competition!