Tuesday, 21 July 2015

British Airways Business Class

I haven't taken any photo's for this post as I somehow feel inappropriate taking photo's when people are trying to privately enjoy their flight. However, I thought I would write a little review to help you decide whether it's worth the phenomenal cost of an upgrade!

On British Airways a business class passenger can still only check in 24 hours in advance and cannot pre book seats without a fee unless they are a gold card member. They will also have the same entertainment system as the rest of the flight so the same movies and TV shows will be available to watch.

The seat on a short haul European flight will be in a 2:2 dimension as opposed to 3:3 in economy and will therefore be slightly wider with slightly more leg room but it's not a huge difference. In club world the seats are positioned 2:4:2 unless you are in the bubble of a jumbo where they will be 2:2. The seats are quite impressive. If in a couple either take the window and aisle so you can face each other (one will take off backwards) or the two very middle seats, which do not have a divider and almost create a double bed type situation.

The seats will recline and coupled with your footrest will create a fully flat bed. They aren't much wider than economy but the bed is what makes everything so much more comfortable. You will have a little drawer to store personal items and a larger TV screen and tray table. Your seat will come with large noise cancelling head phones, which are worth the upgrade as well as a thin duvet and more substantial pillow. The wash bags are usually from Elemis and include a toothbrush and Colgate toothpaste, hand cream, body cream and lip balm as well as a soothing spray for your pillow on occasion. Socks and an eye mask are also included.

Another benefit to club world is there are less people per toilet. Most cabins will have three toilets available all with designer products such as hand wash and hand cream. Club Europe will have two toilets at the front of the cabin so an even better ratio. There is also a club kitchen serving sandwiches, yogurts, chocolate, crisps, fruit and soft drinks, which you can help yourself to between meal times. Sometimes ice cream and pastries are also available here. 

The biggest benefit to travelling in business class is the food. Passengers will be welcomed with a choice of apple juice, orange juice, water or Tattinger champagne. You will then be offered a newspaper. After take off more drinks and nuts will be served including premium wines and champagne cocktails. A menu is presented with a choice of two starters, three main courses and two desserts and your order is taken. We recently had marinated prawns with hummus, followed by a wild mushroom pasta for myself and braised beef for the boy and then a cheese plate. Warm rolls will also be served with dinner or lunch and a side salad. On our return we opted for tomato and mozzarella followed by a cod dish in a creamy sauce.

Breakfast will either be bacon rolls or on longer flights the full works. On our latest flight the option was a smoothie or juices as well as a selection of pastries, which did several rounds! The warm pain au chocolat were very good! We when had museli or fruit followed by a full English, a breakfast wrap or smoked salmon and salad, which I opted for. All food is presented with a table cloth and metal cutlery so you can actually enjoy your meal properly. Courses are also served separately so it is a bit like dining out as opposed to everything being on one tray!

Finally business class passengers will have access to the lounge. The lounge has short 15 mins spa treatments that can be booked on arrival such as an over the clothes massage or quick manicure. They also have lovely large showers and fluffy towels to use. There will be snacks such as cookies and crisps as well as soft drinks available to help yourself. There will also be premium spirits with mixers and wines and champagne is available on request. There is wifi, computers to use, a small playroom, TV's and newspapers. There are comfy chairs to lounge in and wait for your flight. At meal times there will be breakfast such as toast, pastries and some hot options, lunch or dinner, which will be buffet style. Usually there is a salad and jacket potato bar and a couple of options such as curry or pasta.

Is it worth paying for business class? If you have unlimited funds I would say 100% yes, it's a lovely way to travel. If it's going to leave you skint for years then do not do it! Everyone will recover from a flight and the plane gets every passenger from a to b at the end of the day. If you can afford a once in a while treat like for a honeymoon then I would say pay the difference and give it a go!!!! It's worth trying once!