Friday, 31 July 2015

Cocktails & Canapes, The Coq D'Argent

This years work summer party was held at the Coq D'Argent. I actually really like this overpriced city escape. On arrival you will have to queue (on busy days) to take one of the two elevators to the top, however, if you have a private party you are able to queue jump, which is a good perk! There is a large indoor restaurant as well as an outside bar and seating. You can then move into the gardens for standing room only drinks. On a summers day you can't really beat being here.

Our company had a private outdoor area, which was covered over with patio heaters. We were served up fruit punch (mango, orange and pineapple with grenadine), pimms and three different wines. My favorite was the pretty gorgeous rose from France. It's not a cheap option at £38 per bottle but it was really lovely. You can't miss it on the menu as it's the only rose they sell! We also had giant games of Jenga, Kerplunk and Limbo. The restaurant tried to charge £500 for hire, however, these were purchased for just over £100 on Amazon and they let us bring our own!

The food was all served canape style and the selection was very well presented and vast. From what I can remember we tried these tiny goat cheese and chive terrines as well as ham hock and parsley cubes. Next up were arrancini risotto of seasonal vegetables as well as mini fish and chips with tartar sauce. We had tandoori marinated lamb skewers with a minted yogurt, half of which ended up down the front of my dress and char grilled chicken skewers with pepper pesto.

We had wild mushroom and Parmesan vol-au-vent and honey glazed cocktail sausages. I think the favorite was the suckling pig belly with lightly caramelized apple. There were smoked salmon and cream cheese pancake rolls, which were delicious but absolutely teeny as well as very tasty salmon and spinach ravioli with herb butter served on a large metal spoon. The mini beef burgers with red onion compote were the final treat and went down very well.

For dessert we had mini choux and eclair with vanilla and caramel cream as well as lemon tartlets. The little lemon tartlets were the best! The difficulty with canape eating is everything tastes great and the selection looks amazing, however, you don't leave feeling very full! So I am not sure how I feel about these little parties but it was nice to be treated!

The Coq A'rgent isn't cheap, I think the food and drinks for 50 people was nearly £4,000 so that's about £80 per head! It's a great little place to go to so try and persuade the social sec's to host a party here, although book early as we had a Wednesday due to popular demand and limited availability or save this spot for a lunch on expenses!