Friday, 31 July 2015

Soho Social

My friends and I met up last night to check out THIRST on Greek Street in Soho. The bar is set over two floors, although we only stayed on the ground floor. This level was small with low to the ground seating and some outside space. We arrived at 6:30pm and managed to find seated space for all of eight of us. By the time we left at 8:30pm things were busier and finding a table wouldn't have been as easy. The bar has "stupid hour" cocktails until 7:30pm, which is two cocktails for £10. They range from a mojito to a vodka martini. To be honest the list wasn't hugely inspiring and the cocktails weren't amazing. However, for a cheap night two for £10 can't really be beaten in this area.

After wandering the streets looking for some food to sober us up we decided to hit Byron. Our original choice Bo Drake was closed due to a private party and Jackson + Rye had a 45mins wait. This is the issue with eating in Soho in a large group on a Thursday night. Most places don't allow you to book in advance and everything gets filled up really quickly.

Anyway, the Byron in Soho is spread over two floors and we were sent to the basement, which still had a fun and loud atmosphere. The toilets here are individual cubicles and tiny but perfectly clean and adequate and we never had to wait. We had a round of milkshakes, vanilla, chocolate, banana, strawberry and oreo were all great. The banoffee wasn't as good, you got a mouth of banana and then a mouth of vanilla, it didn't mix too well! The shakes here are super thick so feel like drinking pure ice cream!

We chose a side each, skin on fries, fries, courgette fries, mac & cheese and coleslaw. We kind of put them in the middle and all dived in. For the burgers I had a chicken with added avocado and no Byron sauce as this is mayo based and I dislike mayonnaise! We ordered a cheese with Monterey Jack and a Byron. The boys all went for smokey's and the B Rex and then doubled up the patty's for an extra £3.50. They were huge!

We did a pretty good job of polishing off the food but unfortunately we were defeated and some had to be returned! The bill was £23 per person including service, which isn't cheap for a burger and sides but isn't bad for Soho. It's nice to go somewhere chilled like Byron in a big group as you can be as loud as you want and everyone will find something they like on the menu, plus it's inexpensive and easy to split the bill. The staff here are great and are used to later in the night and larger parties. They are happy and helpful and earn all of their service charge!