Wednesday, 29 July 2015


K10 is the perfect little lunch or post work dinner spot. They do take away and delivery but I always prefer to eat in. The Copthall Avenue branch is small and cosy so turn up early, walk past the take away shop and down the stairs and wait to be seated at the sushi bar. Try and arrive before 12:30pm otherwise you will definitely be waiting in line. Appold Street is a much bigger branch. I don't think the sushi bar actually fits more covers, however, it's lighter with large windows and feels more spaced out.

You will be perched on stools up against the bar. There are glasses on the table for still or sparkling water from the taps. Soy sauce and dishes, wasabi and ginger are also all provided so there really is no need to ask for anything. I always have a glass of Prosecco, which goes incredibly well with sushi! As usual with a sushi bar everything is color coded so pick up your plates and get stuck in. You will be given a little menu with the price list and also for the hot food. They have tempura, teriyaki, gyoza and katsu curries to order.

Service is quick, you won't be rushed but you won't also be encouraged to sit for hours on end after you have finished eating. You can definitely squeeze this into a one hour lunch break. The chefs are busy working away in the middle to keep everything fresh and topped up. Try the baby squid, it's really good. The salmon sashimi is excellent as are the spicy salmon rolls, the soft shell crab and the chicken katsu and avocado rolls. To be honest, try whatever floats past and takes your fancy. Lunch with a glass of Prosseco will cost about £20-25 per person.

The last time I went it was my sisters birthday! The whole restaurant sang to her and the staff made such a fuss! She was given a little chocolate cake, which she loved! Honestly it was such a sweet little touch and completely unexpected for a Japanese conveyor belt restaurant.

You cannot book here and the concept is the same as Yo Sushi, however, the food is miles better and the atmosphere is great, it's loud and busy every lunchtime so fun to be among the hustle and bustle. Only Appold Street is open for dinner, Copthall closes after the lunch rush. Dinner is a very different affair, it's so quiet, you can simply go with a newspaper or for a subdued chat with a friend. It's nice to experience the bar without all the craziness of lunchtime. They have opened a new branch in Fenchurch Street so grab some work colleagues and go get yourself some sushi this lunch break.