Thursday, 30 July 2015

Sandwich in the City

In my opinion and I am a massive sandwich lover so have experienced many an establishment, the BEST city sandwich has to be found at Verde & Company Ltd. They are a very small but insanely cute and quaint little shop found on Brushfield Street in Spitalfields. This makes it the perfect city sandwich shop as is walking distance from most offices.

They are open for breakfast (8am - 11:30am) and lunch (11:30am onwards). You can pre order lunch in advance before 11:30am to collect as well. Verde do sell soups and quiche. Also all of the sandwich fillings can be turned into salads, however, I have had one of these and whilst nice, it's all about the sandwich, there are better salad stops elsewhere.

The sandwiches come on white or brown bread and are served with butter, mayo or oil as the base. They come packaged in brown boxes, which is a great way to eat. There are some really unique sandwich combos or within reason you can make up your own. The salami with brie is an excellent idea and the smoked salmon with lemon juice is so simple but tasty. I can highly vouch for the overfilled smoked chicken with guacamole. You will get into a mess with this one but it's great and the roast turkey with cranberry is like Christmas all over again. My favorite though is the coronation chicken with grapes!

All sandwiches will come with tomato and lettuce unless you specify otherwise. The store has a selection of quirky drinks including a delicious ginger beer. They also have a range of gorgeous looking chocolates. They usually have a cake or two of the day, you never know what will be there but I can say their chocolate brownies and their bake well tarts are so worth trying! The sandwiches are really overstuffed and large and will leave you satisfyingly full! So maybe save your sweet treat for later in the afternoon.

Get here early as the queues out the door will be long and sometimes ingredients run out! There are a couple of small tables and window seats inside, probably around 10 people can eat their lunch in the quirky surroundings. Otherwise there are some little benches outside where one can sit with a sandwich and watch the hustle and bustle in the sunshine.

I really cannot rate this place highly enough, the staff are so sweet and the sandwiches are amazing! You can use credit card but there is a minimum £10 charge and most sandwiches are just under £5 so the prices are more than competitive with other options in the area. Give it a go, you won't be disappointed!