Friday, 24 April 2015

Brunch on the Orient Express

For the hubby's wedding gift I bought him brunch on the Orient Express. We had always wanted to try this and I wanted to start our married life building even more memories with him so thought it would be an ideal experience.

We turned up at London Victoria one bright and sunny March Sunday ready to board the British Pullman. At check in there were some 1920s style singers with free flowing tea and coffee in the swish lounge. They then invited all of the passengers onto the platform ready to watch the train roll into the station. I must say, it was all very exciting and the train looked very special.

We were welcomed on board and seated with a Bellini brought swiftly to our table. We then promptly departed for our three hour journey through the Kent countryside.

Brunch consisted of two Bellini's each, unlimited tea, coffee and water. We started with a fresh fruit cocktail and natural yogurt followed by a choice of a warm crusty roll or fruit bread with strawberry jam, honey or marmalade. Then it was scrambled eggs and caviar with smoked salmon, a buttered crumpet and some grilled mushrooms. Finally we finished with a delicious warm apple cake with vanilla whipped cream.

After brunch there were some 1920s singers coming through the carriages as entertainment and we were also encouraged to wander up and down the train to see the different decor and the kitchens and toilets on board.

All in all this was a very luxurious way to spend a Sunday morning. As everyone knows it is incredibly pricey but it was so so worth it. I can't even begin to describe the opulence of this experience and I really do believe everyone should try it once in their lifetime. Go for a very special occasion and you will not be disappointed.