Friday, 24 April 2015

Family & Friends - Polpo

My sister in law lives abroad and she came home for her quarterly visit last month. To celebrate some family time we went out as a group with the hubby's cousins as well. Our venue of choice for this month's meet up was Polpo in Covent Garden.

Unfortunately Polpo do not accept reservations and this really bothers me about a lot of these new restaurants in this area. However, being a Tuesday, although being busy we did get seated within 30 mins. We were also seated in the basement, which I can see with the candles and exposed brick was meant to be romantic but I did find it a little dark and dank for my liking.

We ordered food to share between the six of us and were told it would come out as and when it was ready, which is what happened. I have to say the mix of Italian dishes we tried were very good and the specials were definitely "more special" than the menu choices and worth ordering. I would say the salads stood out the most to me.

We also tried some desserts, the flour less chocolate cake was very good and the rest was nice but nothing to shout about. The service was good and they were very good at explaining the menu and advising how much food we should order.

All in all for £23 a head (with one alcoholic drink each) I thought it was good value and a worthwhile experience. I think this place is definitely better for group dining bearing in mind the family sharing style of eating and is excellent for a post work catch up.