Thursday, 30 April 2015

Ladies that brunch - Roka

A friend and I hauled ourselves down to Roka, Canary Wharf one cold, wet February afternoon to experience their weekend brunch. Brunch is served between 11:30am - 4pm Saturday and Sunday. Book your table as early in the slot as possible to fully make the most of what is on offer.

There are three menu's at various prices but we went for the cheapest option at £42 per head.

Once seated you will be handed a Bellini or Bloody Mary or the non-alcoholic option of green tea and passion fruit iced tea. Once you have had a chance to browse the menu and demolish your cocktail the waiter will bring the wine glasses for either the unlimited red or white option. Next you must select your main dish. I went for the tiger prawn and vegetable tempura and my friend gave the rib-eye a go.

After your order has been taken it's time to let loose at the buffet. The buffet is excellent and is constantly being topped up by chefs working behind the grazing counters. There is sushi and sashimi on offer with the usual ginger, wasabi and soy dips. There are also a few different types of salads to try as well as a large selection of mini starters. The best part of the buffet is, it's limitless during your time at Roka so make sure you keep going back for more of your favorites or to give everything a try! This idea of unlimited eating is also great when the wine is free flowing as the wine keeps you hungry and the food stops you becoming silly drunk!!!

After a while of buffet grazing out came the fabulous main courses and it was nice to have something hot after a large consumption or the cold food. Post the mains we were given quite a while to sip wine, relax and chat, and if necessary head back to the buffet!

Dessert was served as a platter for the table and it did look rather impressive on arrival. It mainly consisted of exotic fruits but to be honest this was great to refresh the palate and have a taste of something sweet without filling up too much more.

The wine and food really are limitless and free flowing at this brunch spot. It's busy so book well in advance. It's dark and it's very noisy so get ready to laugh out loud and be boozy! You will have to stagger back through the winding underground route of Canary Wharf but you will be warmed, full and satisfied when you do!