Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Triple Date Night - Prawn on the Lawn

A group of three couples went on a little triple date a few Friday night's ago to Islington's Prawn on the Lawn.

This place really is a hidden gem. Upstairs is a fishmonger's with a few bar style seats and downstairs is a very cute and intimate candle lit restaurant with exposed brick that has no more then 4-5 tables depending on the number of diners.

All of the food is written up on blackboards and is based on what has been delivered fresh that day.

They have "small" plates and "large" plates kind of like starters and mains but everyone is encouraged to mix and match and share and also you can order as you go along! Everything is chilled, no hot food is served here but it's all delicious and well worth a visit.

Definitely try the signature "Prawn on the Lawn" dish (soda bread topped with avocado and prawns) and also the Fruit de Mer was great, a huge variety of exciting fish. We had a small dish each to begin with and then another couple of small dishes and a Fruit de Mer. Everyone had eaten a lot and were satisfied but you will not be uncomfortably full from this, especially when you dine with three boys!!!!!

Please give this place a go, you cannot beat fresh seafood with a crisp glass of white wine with friends. This place isn't cheap for dinner as it's seafood but for what you get it's inexpensive.