Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The Big Easy

Having previously visited the Kings Road branch a couple of years ago I decided to try the relatively new Covent Garden location with the hubby to be a short few weeks before the big day. American BBQ probably is not the best pre wedding grub but hey ho, sometimes you have to give into the cravings in front of you!

On my first trip here I distinctly remember ordering some very delicious ribs that came in a platter almost as large as the table whilst the other half tucked into a whole lobster (they sell larger ones than on the menu by weight depending on daily availability), bib and all! I do also remember finishing up with a large plate of my favorite waffles!

As this occasion was a little closer to my stomach being photographed in a tight white dress, copies of which will remain on mantelpieces for decades to come I decided to tone things down a bit. So I went for a whole Atlantic Crab, steamed with butter! What a treat. The crab came whole staring at me, I did feel a little sorry for it until I tasted the first bite and all guilt melted away along with the butter and soft crab meat. Now this is a slightly "healthier" option on the menu and will not leave you with that absolutely overfilled and stuffed feeling you would normally associate with American BBQ. However, the crab meat is delicious and if you order a cheeky side of fries (dip these in the butter) you will not go home hungry.

The hubby to be decided to put the wedding diet to one side for an evening to tuck into a "surf and turf". He ordered a big, fat, juicy and underdone steak just how he likes it with a half a lobster, although he tried to be cheeky and add a whole but they didn't have the weight he wanted. A steak sauce was definitely ordered along with creamed spinach and fries. This was definitely an eyes bigger than belly occasion.

Everything was washed down with a few signature Margarita's and a little less girly craft brews for the boy. This place gets busy, book well in advance to secure your desired time and date. The restaurant is spread out onto two floors, it's big, it's crowded, it's noisy but it's fun! A loud, boozy, good food evening was just what we needed to calm us before the upcoming big day.

Also as a little FYI, the atmosphere at both the Kings Road and Covent Garden are similar, so choose, whichever location is more convenient for you.