Tuesday, 28 April 2015


I absolutely LOVE Dishoom, so much so I have had several dinners here in both the Covent Garden and Shoreditch branch and also recently came for a breakfast.

Firstly, please be aware for small groups you cannot book so come early! On both the occasions I have dined in a two I have been seated straight away, as a four we had to wait maybe 15 mins and the other dinner and breakfast have been in pre booked groups. The restaurant is always busy during the week so the earlier the better to secure a table.

For breakfast Dishoom provides a very unique cafe style experience. The bacon and sausage Naan rolls are something else! They are tasty, filling and completely different to anything I have ever tried for breakfast before. The Naan is like a little cloud of perfection and the chili jam complements the meat perfectly. If you are feeling adventurous you can also add a fried egg into the mix but be prepared to eat this concoction with a knife and fork! Both of my friends Fruit & Yogurt and House Granola did look delicious but why would you choose the healthy option when a Naan roll is calling to you.

For dinner dishes are served "family" style and you are encouraged to share. Being an Indian restaurant they cater very well for a vegetarian crowd as well. You do need quite a few dishes between you and if there is something you will all like order a couple. The staff are great though and to an extent you can order as you go along! I would personally recommend the bowl of greens, the okra fries, gunpowder potatoes and black house daal all washed down with a buttery naan.

I have always been too full for dessert but have heard good things about the variety of Kulfi on a stick available although I would avoid the Kala Khatta Gola Ice. They do warn this is an acquired taste and improves as you continue through the dish, however, the couple of mouthfuls I tried were not to my liking at all! It was salty and strange and cold!

Cocktails here are also good and they have quite a range of interesting choices. My personal favorite is the Bollybellini, you can't really go wrong!!!

So grab a small group of friends and head to Dishoom for dinner, also clear your diary for breakfast time the following day and you won't be disappointed.