Monday, 11 May 2015

Angelica's, Islington

My bridesmaid and I checked out Angelica Bridal for my first ever wedding dress experience and have to say they were brilliant. They stock a range of beautiful dresses, which are top quality and for shockingly good prices. Everyone must remove their shoes on entry to keep everything clean and then you can choose up to six dresses to try in your one hour appointment. They also only have one bride at a time so all the attention is on you. As it was my first experience I tried a dress in each style to start ruling them out. Our assistant Emma was absolutely lovely and I would thoroughly recommend a trip to this bridal store.

Having been so impressed with the bridal boutique we were absolutely thrilled when the company expanded and opened Angelica Retreat an exquisite urban spa. My hubby decided to head to Mexico for Spring break and my bridesmaids other half was on a stag do so we took advantage of a girly afternoon together. Firstly they use Ren products, which was music to my ears as I am slightly obsessed with this skin care range. Booking was simple and easy and they had Saturday afternoon availability for us.

We went for the signature pedicure at £42 per person, which for central London and a 55 mins treatment is pretty good going. We were seated together in big comfy arm chairs and offered a variety of different teas. We each chose our polish from the vast collection and then nestled our toes into a warm bowl of water ready to be pampered. The treatment was lovely including a brilliant foot massage and afterwards we were allowed to sit and while away the afternoon drinking more tea and letting our nails dry. I think we ended up gossiping and relaxing in there for the best part of three hours. There were certainly no conveyor belt treatments or rushing in here.

The Angelica brand is excellent and if you have some spare time pop in here for a fabulous treatment. I would recommend a pedicure with a friend as you can relax and socialize at the same time! This may be a good idea for Mother's Day 2016.