Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Chicken or Steak? - Tramshed

Last Friday night the boy and I grabbed a couple of friends and headed to Tramshed in Shoreditch.

Our first impression was how much bigger the restaurant is compared to what we had imagined and your eye was immediately drawn to the cow and the chicken by Damien Hirst elevated for all to see. We were given one of the booths to the side of the restaurant and I would definitely request one of these as it was great to be off of the main floor. Also make sure you book, there were two hour covers per table and it was packed, I cannot imagine it's easy to dine here without a reservation.

We were quite peckish so we ended up ordering five starters between us:
  • Moyallon Pork Crackling - I didn't try this as I don't like crackling but it was presented nicely.
  • Yorkshire Pudding - this was great, a huge Yorkshire and smooth pate - defo my fav for taste and first impression
  • Cock n Bull Croquettes - these were good but didn't have a wow factor
  • Smoked Salmon - very nice smoked salmon with a little salad
  • Beefballs - these were delicious but very, very small little pieces of delight

For our main courses we also "pigged" out and went for the whole chicken and chips £27.50 and the 1kg Porterhouse £75, which also came with chips and some sauces. We decided to also grab a side salad and a portion of onion rings.

The food was all very good and really well presented. It wasn't the best chicken or steak I have ever had in my life but we were all thoroughly satisfied with our haul. Now despite being stuffed we couldn't resist a little taste of something sweet so we shared an apple pie and the salted caramel fondue. The fondue was by far the best, I loved the doughnuts and marshmallows, my only observation would be adding chocolate to the salted caramel would make this dish perfect!!! I do love my chocolate though!

All in all with a glass of white and a bottle of red the bill was £108 per couple, which for the sheer volume of food we had ordered we felt was pretty reasonable!

This place is busy and trendy, it's great fun for a weekend and I would recommend groups over couples as it's quite loud and not very romantic or intimate. The food is good and ideal for sharing between a few of you. The best part was definitely the fries and the yorkshire pudding but I am a bit of a sucker for these comfort foods.

Book a table and go and enjoy the Hix delights whilst being protected from above by an immortalized chicken sat on top of a cow!