Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Harry Potter Studio Tour

I was a little late to the Harry Potter party and didn't read the books until the end of my teens, however, like much of the rest of the nation I became addicted! As my youngest sister is also a pretty die hard fan we took her for an afternoon of fun at WB Harry Potter Studio Tour.

The price is £33 per person and you must pre-book a date and time slot in advance via the website. On arrival there is plenty of free parking, a cafe and toilets to use before your trip begins. You will enter a short queue of maybe 15 mins before beginning. Your tour will start in a cinema and will explain a bit about the making of Harry Potter and what lies ahead during the experience, I won't ruin the first surprise but I think like me you will feel enchanted and magical within seconds of arrival.

We took an audio guide, which did help bring things to life, however, there is almost too much info on the guide and if you know Harry Potter well you can probably manage without one. The trip will take you through all of the main areas such as the great dining hall, Diagon Alley and Privet Drive. It's amazing being on the real life sets. You will catch a glimpse of costumes and props, teaching rooms, offices and almost everything that featured in the movies.

Half way around you can purchase butter beer to try and can also queue up for some green screen action in different shots such as riding a broomstick over the Hogwarts Castle. The tour is very visual and interactive and is ideal for children through to adults. I think any age group who is a fan of Harry Potter would get enjoyment from a visit.

It is crowded in the exhibit but the time slots do help to filter people through and the crowds do keep moving. It was quite emotional hearing from the cast via the audio guide of their experiences working on the film and ultimately when it all came to a close.

I don't want to give too much else away as this really is something you need to experience in person yourself, however, I do believe this is value for money and is very well done. You will certainly enjoy yourself! Even the gift shop sells gimmicks such as the every flavor jelly beans, which was a must purchase for us!!!! Book yourself a slot and experience the movies coming to life in London.