Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Monday Dinner - Circle Pizza

Last night a group of friends and I grabbed a quick and casual dinner at The Circle Pizza Company, which is located in Hoxton Square.

This restaurant doesn't accept bookings, however, it's pretty large and has outside dining space. It was quite busy but you would have no trouble getting a table here mid-week. The restaurant joins on to the Hoxton Bar and Grill, which is a shame as you must use their toilets, which aren't exactly the most luxurious when you are eating a Monday pizza whilst sober!

The menu here is very simple, do not come for a gourmet meal. It's just pizza. There are no starters, sides or desserts so this may not be everyone's first choice. However, I believe we often indulge when dining out and as I seem to be out and about all the time recently it was good to just have one pizza and not be tempted into over eating. The selection here is relatively small with only a couple of other pizza specials but sometimes less is more and in this case the pizza's were delicious.

We ordered one each but all mixed and matched. One pizza is enough per person, you won't be stuffed but you will be comfortably full. They come served on large wooden boards and handily already sliced! My favorite was the "Rocket Man", which included prosciutto and was covered in delicious peppery rocket. I thoroughly enjoyed "Capo's", however, it was quite spicy so I am not sure I could have eaten a whole one! My final favorite delight was "The Dark Side of the Shroom", which had a variety of mushrooms and ricotta cream. Chili oil is also in abundance on the tables so no need to even ask!

The drinks menu is varied enough for one evening! We were not rushed and the staff were attentive and friendly. In all, if you want to grab a quick mid week pizza with friends this place is ideal. With one large glass of red, two Corona's, a couple of soft drinks, five pizza's and service the bill was £77; so dinner, a drink and a couple of hours catch up in Hoxton can cost as little as £16, which to me is good value for proper restaurant dining.

There are more varied pizza companies around but these pizza's will compete, what they lack in menu offerings is made up in the taste of the small selection they supply.