Friday, 8 May 2015

Steam and Rye

Being a city slicker myself I have on many occasions found myself dancing the night away at Kelly Brooke's, Steam & Rye.

I am personally not a massive fan of this place. It's very busy, the cocktails are not the best but are very strong, it's very much full of the city type and they do charge £10 door entry after a certain time. Also the toilets here are pretty bad. If you do find yourself on a night out you probably should give one of the slightly ridiculous cocktails a go, one I usually find myself with is served in a plastic popcorn holder and topped with actual popcorn! The cocktails in fairness are novel and do provide some talking points.

The reason I thought I would review this place though was because I was taken here recently for an early dinner during a sporting event. If you come before the crowds you will be pleasantly surprised. There are lots of booths to dine in each with their own TV screen and therefore providing ideal dining whilst viewing for many events. They also have a little back room called the study, which is quieter and much nicer than the main bar. This also has a projector showing events as long as everyone in the room is in agreement about watching.

The food here is American BBQ themed and is actually pretty good! I went for the BBQ ribs with fries and coleslaw and they were surprisingly succulent and juicy. The portion size was huge and the BBQ sauce was tangy and pretty delicious. For dessert I went for the sticky chocolate brownie and again was very impressed with this little treat, or should I say large treat. I couldn't actually finish it!

There are lots of American BBQ restaurants around and some are better than others but if you find yourself here, I do think you should give the food a go as it's much better than expected. The prices are not cheap but you are in the city and you are being provided a front row seat to prime time sporting events. The service is good and if you fancy partying the night away you can continue long into the evening!