Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Breakfast Club

Breakfast is honestly my favorite meal of the day! Whether it's my work week day yogurt with a banana and dried fruit, a cheeky weekend croissant or a lovely hotel spread, I just cannot ever get enough. The biggest perk of a hotel stay for me is breakfast, I am always disappointed if it doesn't live up to expectations. So, being a breakfast lover you can imagine I am a huge, huge fan of The Breakfast Club.

As I work in the city the Spitalfields branch has become my default location for a breakfast fix. You can come here for breakfast obviously but also lunch and dinner but still order breakfast food! The location also has an after hours speakeasy bar called The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town, which is accessed via the giant Smeg fridge in the main restaurant and is a pretty cool underground bar serving good cocktails. So my suggestion is grab a late breakfast and then head for some beverages.

There are locations all over London and you cannot book at any other than Canary Wharf. Usually this is OK but on occasion you will have to queue. Spitalfields has an indoor queuing area but Soho and other branches may be an outside jobby so watch the rain! The clubs all have cool decor and a slight industrial feel. They also host random nights such as film night in the Hoxton branch, which I have attended before.

Obviously I usually order breakfast here. Their Full English (The Full Monty) is delicious with all of the trimmings but it is large so I normally have a Half Monty with a side of their incredible home-style fried potatoes. The posh sausage sandwich is also a winner and a good alternative to a Full English. You also cannot beat a large stack of pancakes with berries and gallons of maple syrup. I have never managed to finish a pancake portion and have even been known to order a side of toast to tone down the sugar content from my excess syrup! Maple Syrup is also on the table so you can add it to anything you like, dipping your potatoes in it is always a brilliant idea!

My veggie friends tell me these breakfast options are good, although I cannot say I have ever tried them for myself. If you are not in the breakfast mood I can recommend the when Halloumi met salad wrap, add some skin on chips for a true pig out. The burrito here is also worth a try! Make sure you check out the juices on offer. I almost always order a virgin apple Mojito but can also recommend the slow boy (apple, carrot, orange and ginger), which are all freshly juiced on site.

The Breakfast Club also offer a take away service for those in more of a rush! If you love breakfast like me then I can guarantee you will fall in love with the Breakfast Club.