Thursday, 14 May 2015

Top Ten London Musicals

So, you've found yourself in London for a short city break or you are thinking of treating yourself to a real west end delight but with the number of musicals on offer in the city where do you begin? I have seen plenty of different shows but I will narrow things down for you here to help make your decisions:
  1. The Book of Mormon - this was by far my favorite London musical. It's absolutely hilarious with catchy tunes and enabled me to really sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Tickets are expensive and booked up well in advance but for a splash out night I would definitely recommend this as my number one.
  2. Wicked - this has established itself as quite a long running musical and I loved it. The music in the show is simply amazing and the cast have incredible voices. The story is unique and different and the performance is suitable for all ages.
  3. The Lion King - this has to be in my top three for sheer novelty factor. I love the story of the Lion King, I love the music and the staging for this show is brilliant. Pay extra for good seats for this as you won't want to be straining your neck during this magical performance. Bring the children and bring the grandparents as everyone will appreciate this masterpiece.
  4. Les Miserables - I didn't know what to expect from this musical and had no idea of the plot as I went to see it before the big Hollywood movie was released. There is a reason more than seventy million people in forty-three countries have witnessed this spectacle. It's a classic and still breaking box office records thirty years on.
  5. The Jersey Boys - Again, I didn't know what to expect from this show as was taken last minute by a friend with a spare ticket but the music and acting is both good and funny!
  6. Backbeat - Unfortunately this is no longer on in London but if it ever comes back grab yourself a ticket. It's about how the Beatles formed and is hilarious but also interesting with it's history of this incredibly famous band.
  7. Grease - Being a massive fan of the movie I was bound to love the musical. It's funny, the songs are catchy and everyone knows the story. Be prepared to sing along with the cast and be thoroughly entertained for the evening.
  8. Phantom of the Opera & it's sequel Love Never Dies - This is such an original show and I loved every second. I think I preferred the sequel just because being more modern it had better special effects but the original was also great and comes highly recommended from me.
  9. The Bodyguard - If your a fan of Whitney Houston you will love this show simply for the music. The acting and story line aren't the best but the music is amazing and well worth a watch. This is definitely a trip to take with the girls.
  10. Legally Blonde - Unfortunately this has also been taken off the West End calendar but if it does come back grab the girls and head down. It's funny and heart warming and such an easy watch just like the movie.
I have also seen plenty of the other highly recommended classics such as Cats, Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat, Starlight Express and Oliver. A couple of the more modern film adaptation musicals, which have been great on stage such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda and Shrek. I thoroughly enjoyed the quite different Irish musical Once and can also recommend the currently not showing We Will Rock You, which will hopefully return to the stage one day. I thought the Spice Girls musical VIVA Forever was a complete disaster and am not surprised it was axed so quickly. I also enjoyed but wouldn't count them as favorites both Sister Act and The Sound of Music.

However, I do have one all time favorite but unfortunately it is no longer showing AND I also actually watched this on Broadway in New York but The Little Mermaid the Musical. I am hoping and praying they bring back this delight as it really was amazing! 

Fingers crossed this gives you a little insight and inspiration into the crazy world of London's West End. I hope you find your perfect show and create a magical night out with life long memories. Remember to shop around for deals as there are some great ones to be had in this usually expensive entertainment arena. Also remember that shows come and go so just because something isn't currently playing does not mean it won't ever return. Also be prepared that when someone very famous is starring prices may increase and demand will go up.