Thursday, 14 May 2015

In Bruges

My Mum and I took a one night trip to Bruges. The beauty of this visit is you can take the Eurostar so no flying is involved and as the city is so small one night is actually adequate. We chose to stay at the NH Brugge on a room only basis.

The hotel was walking distance from the train station and the main tourist areas of the city. It was clean and functional with good sized rooms. The gym was really a room with a couple of machines but the swimming pool was large and very nicely appointed. The staff are friendly and helpful and the lobby is warm and homely. All in all this is a good little hotel where you will get a comfy nights sleep and be able to experience Bruges in it's entirety on foot.

As we only had two days here we had to get stuck in quickly. Day one was spent in the historic center where we climbed the Belfry Tower, visited the Basilica of the Holy Blood (there is a small piece of cloth, which is believed to be soaked in the blood of Jesus Christ), marveled at The Church of Our Lady, which includes a sculpture of the Madonna and Child by Michelangelo and took one of the boat tours around the canals. It was a very sunny day in Bruges so we did have to queue for the boat but the ride was quaint and very enjoyable.

Dinner in the evening was Al Fresco on one of the squares and was typical Belgian cuisine. We also ended with the obligatory waffles! Food in Bruges is very expensive, even the chips from the famous carts aren't cheap for what you are getting. Our quite average dinner was well over £100 for two courses and a bottle of wine so do be aware of this when you budget for your trip. As we were room only we also ate breakfast at one of the cafe's, which for toast and a coffee was also an expensive option.

For day two we decided to get active and took a bike tour with Quasimundo. After choosing our bikes and having the seat, handlebars etc etc adjusted and a little safety chat we were off on a 2.5 hour trip around the city. The city is pretty much completely flat so cycling isn't difficult and whilst there are cars these are limited so you don't need to worry too much about them. Our tour guide was amazing and really good fun, cracking lots of great jokes along the way. It was brilliant to see a bit more of the city and learn about some of history whilst getting much needed exercise. You go out to a little bit of countryside to see windmills and also stop in a local bar for a refreshing drink. This was a great little tour and we were lucky enough to be in a small group of four people so felt we got plenty of attention!

Our afternoon was spent wandering the beautiful cobblestone streets and stopping at plenty of beer and chocolate shops picking up souvenirs for family and friends back home. The chocolate shops are expensive but very exquisite and the chocolate is delicious. They also have some hilarious designs, which you must go and see for yourself! Mum and I certainly had a giggle looking in some of the shop windows.

Bruges is beautiful, especially when lit up at night but it is expensive. You do not need long here so why not head out for a little one night excursion, it's great with friends or family but is a very romantic place so would be ideal with your significant other. Enjoy!